Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Turkish Victory in Sidedeestan‏

From the Baku Chronicle 1919, all the news that's fit to print and more.

After a couple of attempts Turkish forces operating in Sidedeestan captured two wagonloads of important papers from a White Russian force preparing to hand them over to the British. For his exploits Bolukbashi Allak Bullak expects to be promoted to Bimbashi.

The White commander Major Birkoff complained about being picked on by all three enemy forces and the lack of British support. In his report he claimed "We were robbed" Imperial HQ is very concerned about the loss of the papers.

Kevanski, the Red Commander, caused considerable damage to the Whites, but his conscripts lost heavily in a partisan ambush. Commissar Smirnoff observing his actions said that his performance did not achieve revolutionary standards and that he would be watched for any revisionist behaviour, especially given excuses "like my cards didn't turn up"

Major Shawly-Wight kept firm possession of the town of Nothguorb, and ensured his command was kept intact despite Turkish provocation. There are rumours that some of the Indian officers are calling their commander Shawly-Cautious.

The Partisans were also successful killing many Reds and Whites for minimal losses, unfortunately their commander Mehmet Arkus was killed by a lucky shot from the Whites.The Turkish troops are reportedly heading back to their base on the shore of the Caspian with their loot, pursued by the Reds and Whites.

The game was a variant of the wagon train scenario I remember as a table top teaser many years ago. The Whites had to escort the wagons across the longest length of the table corner to corner. In the farthest was the town occupied by the British, their allies. Arriving in the nearest corner to the Whites was the Reds intent on killing anyone. In the corner nearest the British were the Turkish with mixed aims capturing the wagons and/or the town. In between were the partisans, nominally allied with the Turks, but more interested in loot.


Whites: 1 Coloured (officer) coy; 2 plastoon coys; 1 cossack sq; 1 HMG; 2 wagons
Reds: 2 regular coys; 2 conscript coys; 1 HMG; 1 cavalry sq
Partisans: 2 coys rated similar to red partizans
Turks: 2 infantry coys; 1 cavalry sq; 1HMG; 1 gun
British: 1 British coy; 1 Indian coy; 1 Indian sq; 1 HMG; 1 gun

A five player game, played at the club last Thursday. The rules were a variant on Red Actions with each units activated on the turn of its card. A clever officer card allowed "Clever officers" to take their action earlier (or later) when the card came up.

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