Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Cisapline Republic Polish Legions

Now for something more obscure, after the 3rd partition of Poland various Poles found their way into the service of French Republic and then its Italian offshoot the Cisapline Republic. Details of the uniforms can be found on Histofig (link) look under the "les Troupes des republicques Italiannes 1796-1805 and work though the options (direct link). I had a packet of the Waterloo Polish Infantry spare as the poses were no suitable for my main Napoleonic armies and I decided that this was the obvious way to use them. However it appears that they did not fight in 1800 in Italy but were still reforming in France and then in garrison at Modena(?) However another legion did operate in the Danube theatre.

In the picture the Poles are front centre and rear right. flanking them are some additional French infantry using the Italeri 1798-1805 French Infantry. I had earlier used some of these to provides some Gendarmes a pied for Napoleonic skirmish games (link).

Given the performance of my French generals over the last few games I have decided to add a Polish general to my army.

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