Wednesday, 18 February 2009

More Springwoods! (Austrian Grenadiers)

I had been hunting for the revised Italeri Austrian figures for my 1800 Austria forces, as they solely contained Austrians and in addition some Grenadiers, but with no luck. However I did get sufficient of the earlier figures to provide the line units (previous post). I had decided to use my existing Napoleonic Austrian Grenadiers by building a base they could slot into. My Napoleonic Infantry are based in 6's on a 40 x 25 base and my standard base size for most other periods including this one is 45 x 45.

On further reflection I decided that as I still had sufficient of my old Springwood Austrian Grenadier figures left I would paint up these instead.

Combined with my one existing battalion I now have enough Grenadiers for the Marengo scenarios from Wargames Illustrated.

In addition I have also added more of my fictitious Frundsberg Frei Stadt troops to the army as they used the Prussian figures that came with the Austrians (picture on the Frundsberg blog)

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