Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Italian Artillery and Support

I had debated the purchase of these Waterloo sets given the high prices, but when I saw them at Harfields at a substantially lower price I had to buy them. Regrettably they have increased in price since.

First off is the cannone da 149/40 modello 35 an upgrade of a similar same gun used in WW1 and still in use in WW2. These were nice crisp figures and generally well moulded, the only poor one was the figure with the megaphone.

Second is the Italian Support group, a very useful set of figures, but there was quite a bit of flash on the figures and it wasn't that easy to remove it all. The inclusion of an MMG, Brixia mortar, etc. made it very useful. I'm not sure if the bicycles ever made it to North Africa but I'll certainly use them for Sicily. I felt the presence of only two sprues in the box was a bit of a fiddle and certainly if I had paid full price


Giles said...

Nice stuff, Will.

Best wishes


Matt said...

Those big guns are really nice. This is not helpful in my proposed "New Years Resolutions". Hmmmm!