WSS Hessian Army muster

Following on from the Bavarians, here are the Hessians.

Again the only thing missing are officer figures, otherwise it's a nice compact force


Mad Carew said...

Dashing display! Excellent.

Prince Lupus said...

Sad I know but I love to see an army on parade. Nice one Will.

Doc Smith said...

Nice figures Will - what amke are they? They look like 20mm Revell plastics or something (apologies if they are not) but very nicely done - I like the base flocking etc too.



Bluebear Jeff said...

A very good-looking, balanced force . . . I dare say that you'll have little trouble recruiting officers to take command.

-- Jeff

DestoFante said...

Beautiful display! I look forward to their deployment on the battlefield soon, and to the following battle report!

Fire at Will said...

Thanks for the complements guys

Doc smith, the figures are Zvezda for the infantry and artillery and Strelets for the Cavalry.

Hopefully they'll see action soon with another play test of Beneath Lily Banners now I have sufficient cavalry.