WSS Bavarian Army Muster

Given the sun was out, a rare occurence at the moment I thought I'd have a review of my Bavarian War of Spanish Succession figures.

The only gap needing to be filled is a few generals. I had hoped that there would be a suitable figure in the Zvezda Russian Artillery set, but the box cover was deceptive. I'll have to try and find some suitable figures, perhaps the promised Zvezda GNW Russian Dragoons will have something suitable, but can I wait that long?


Mad Carew said...

Another fantastic looking army

Anonymous said...

These look great Will. Re your comments on Generalshave you seen the GerMan Catalan Cavalry reviewed on PSR?

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Excellent! When will they see action though.....????? :o))

Fire at Will said...


Dave(Anon) I had seen the Catalan Cavalry, but so far I've seen none available and I think the cost will work out more than metal, and then there is the fragility problem.

Steve, they should see action in another Beneath the Lily Banners play test sometime this month.