Sunday, 13 December 2009

New Zvezda Cossacks

I couldn't resist the new Zvezda Cossacks, even thought I already have a lot of Orion Cossacks and they are not that compatible in height/build.

The real reason was the extras that came with the set, firstly a huge drum with three drummers, a real bit of eye-candy to go with the army.

Then there was the wagon, with a light gun mounted on it. I'm not sure how effective it was, but it looks fun. One point to note is that no draught horse is provided in the set, I used a left over Napoleonic one.

The rest of the pack provided just enough figures for a couple of bases of infantry and a couple of skirmishers. I had to add a dead Janissary to make up for a missing figure.
Plus a full unit of cavalry, the lances are a bit over long for my taste, but I decided to leave them rather than cut them down or replace with wire.
Overall a very good set by Zvezda. Various figures came with separate arms, and I'm not convinced by this approach as on several figures the detail on the chest was indistinct because of the need to create the locating holes. However in a couple of cases I was able to swap the arms around to give a bit more variety to the figures


Argenta-2008 said...

Hello, I am writing a review about the Zaporozhian Cossacks,a nd I would like to include some pics of how you´ve painted yours.

We could also exchange links if you want.

My blog is

Best Regards.

Fire at Will said...

Agenta, no problem, just credit me as the source. I've got a couple of extra sets that I'm planning to mix with the Lucky Toys Transyvanians.