Sunday, 6 December 2009

Recon show

There was certainly a surfeit of teddy bear games at the Recon show in Leeds yesterday. One was a land of counterpane-like game with colonial British bears against Zulu pandas and the other was a western gunfight. Overall the show was very much as last year, small and friendly. I was upstairs with the Lance & Longbow fighting with medieval cogs (ships). The Zvezda Hansa cogs certainly impressed a number of visitors. Rules were a simple set called Might and main published by the society.

The bring and buy had plenty of bargains, but the only thing that caught my eye was a couple of packs of the Revell SYW Austrian Artillery, which I particularly need for the limbers. Downstairs apart from the traders there was a massive Very British Civil war game.

I didn't take my camera, but there are some pictures here and the VBCW game here. I was tempted by a number of books, especially the reprints of old wargaming classics but didn't succumb.

Personally, I sold quite a bit of stuff so I returned home with more cash than I started, sorry Traders.


Tel said...

A nice little show and decent way to waste a couple of hours.

Was tempted the same when I saw all the old titles reprinted, but managed to stop myself buying any. Not really the right fiscal time of year to lose restraint. When they get round to printing the Tony Bath book which includes Hyperborea things might be different.

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AKI said...

Aha, so it was you, I did wonder. I mooched around the Lance & Longbow stand taking photo's thinking 'he looks familiar from somewhere' - well it would be your online photo. Pictures will be going up on my blog in a week or so when I catch up on a backlog and get em edited. Those boats were mightily impressive.

Recon is a favourite show for me, much better than Fiasco, and far more accomodating to gamers.


A J said...

Good to hear you had a great time at the show. I'm hearing good things about Zvezda, too, so I'm investigating their range.