Friday, 25 February 2011

Slight diversion - Conwy

With the short burst of sunshine yesterday we took off into Wales to do a bit of walking and fit Conwy castle into the itinerary. it's still one of my favorite castles and I still remember visiting it for the first time on a holiday to Rhyll, to many years ago really.

Just behind my head is Conwy mountain which we climbed before lunch, then the castle making sure we climbed every turret. The afternoon was a spent with another short climb, this time up Great Orme head.

Finished off the day at Deeside Defenders playing the Shevardino game from WI using Black Powder.


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Man Cave said...

A lovely spot indeed - I remeber going there on holiday in 2002. My Lass was 4 at the time and insisted singing "I'm on top of the world" from every turret top!