SYW Prussian Army

The Bavarians currently in progress are the first Revell SYW figures I've painted in quite a while, so here is my first SYW army, the Prussians.

The whole army

Left wing cavalry, two units each of hussars, cuirassiers and dragoons

The infantry, eight infantry and two grenadier regiments, plus Freikorps and Jaegers

The right wing cavalry, some suffering from a particularly strong florescent pink.

Some of the artillery including a home made caisson


Rafael Pardo said...

An oustanding view!
I love Revell 7YW figures. I did used in the past the Austrian Dragoons to make my Old Guard Grenadiers a Cheval, and the horses are really large and look well for Napoleonic heavy cavalry. The Revell Prussian Hussars, with a new head, also form part of many of my napoleonic hussar units.
Best regards

Sir William the Aged said...

Still a very nice collection Will! Did you simply use the Austrian Dragoons with a painted-on cuirass for your Cuirassiers?

Looking forward to seeing your Bavarians when finished.


SoA Shows North said...

Inspiring stuff, Will. Nice to see the 'big picture' ...


Bluebear Jeff said...

Very impressive, sir. Impressive indeed.

-- Jeff

Fire at Will said...

Rafa, I gree they are excellent heavy vcavalry figures, much better than my Airfix Cuirassiers

Sir William, yes they are a simple painting conversion after trimming away the obvious lapels.

Phil, it helps to put the additions in context, just wait for the Austrains, and then the other hangers-on

Jeff - there are schemes planned for a new imaginations campaign, next autumn/fall.


Stryker said...

That really is an impressive collection - even the guys in pink look fierce!


Neil Scott said...

Excellent looking army