Thursday, 3 February 2011

SYW Bavarian uniform references

My Seven Years War Bavarians are now well underway, but yesterday took a step back as I found some extra details on the uniforms that I had missed. Therefore I had to restart some figures.

My main paper references are Funcken's the Lace Wars, Mollo's SYW uniforms and the Pengel booklet on SYW German/Swedish Cavalry.

I had combined this with the data on Kronosaf SYW project section on the Bavarian Army and the site also has a section on the Bavarian Army of the SYW. Hunting through the TMP message boards also turned up the uniform for Bavarian generals (TMP link)

What had I missed was the Leuthen Journal has some very useful Knotel plates including a Dragoon drummer in reversed coat colours, the supply train drivers and especially a Hussar (link).

OOB for the Bavarian Army in the war of the Austrian Succession 1744 (Nafziger pdf)

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