Monday, 7 February 2011


Sunday morning was an early start leaving at 6:45 to get to York arriving at 9:00 to finish setting up the game. Given the date we had opted for Mortimers Cross 3rd February 1461 as we were virtually on the 550th anniversary.

It's quite a small battle and Steve and I played it through twice on the day changing sides and in both cases the result was a historically correct Yorkist win (just as well given our location).

The view from the Lancastrian lines of the openning dispositions.

The Lancastrian left flank crumbling during the second game

All the terrain and figures were from Bob, our umpire's collection, the rules were Poleaxed, and the setup used the Poleaxed Source book all for which were available on the Lance & Longbow stand just out of sight.

My other photo's are not that good and Andy (Count Belisarius)has a much better selection over on his blog.

Overall a good day out, I was rather disappointed in the table sale as I didn't have time to spend queueing to get to see what was on offer, but in general I approve of the idea, but I think the space was rather limited. I think they really needed a similar sized room to that used at Carronade.

Purchasing was quite moderate with a couple of Airfix Bedford QLT/QLD's, a box of the Plastic Soldier Late Germans, some Javis Autumn flock (can't find it in any of the local model shops?) and a copy of the Wargamers Annual 2011 (rather over-priced, but these iniative have to be supported)

Lunch was combined with a quick drink with the Northern contingent of the Society of Gentlemen Gamers and I came away with a German Sturmboot 42 to paint up for the game


The Belgian, said...

Looks like it was an awesome game!

6sided said...

Any plastic Perry's used?

Fire at Will said...

No plastic perry's present, but Bob bought a couple of packs of Mercenaries for use as ships crews for out next game at Triples.