Tuesday, 19 April 2011

AWI rework

While preparing for a game a couple of weeks back I picked up my fusiliers to find several figures loose from the base and the flag still needing fixed from the last time they were used. So I decided it was time for a rebase and touch up. Unfortunately I couldn't find an easy way off re-fixing the flag without damaging it, so it has now retired after over 30 years service. The unit has also changed from the 7th to the 23rd Foot.

Background is my scratch built southern mansion that will take the whole unit

In addition I also rebased my German (Hessian/Brunswick) grenadiers, just to see how much easier it was to rebase figures that were still firmly fixed to their bases.

Overall starting from existing basing didn't save much time, so for other units I may just rebase from scratch.


Paul´s Bods said...

Great...and all Airfix as well :-D

Giles said...

Gret work, Will. That mansion is superb - it looks like something out of "North and South"!

Best wishes


peter said...

It's good to see that the old Airfix figures still can be used.
I also like your houses!


kingsleypark said...

I hope the retired Colours are hanging in reverence in a nearby Chapel!

Great figs and excellent buildings!

Steven said...

What rules set are your troops based for? They look terrific!

Fire at Will said...

Steven, I use my own rules written over 20 years ago, There is a separate blog under links that will take you to them.

I also admit to having dabbled with Black Powder using the same units.

Red Cardinal said...

You've done a great paint job on the figures!

Can't say however, that I'm a great fan of the Airfix AWI figures. - Imo, some of the worst figures they did; complete with missing equipment and bandy legs. Probably second only to the Waterloo French infantry in their horribleness. :(

Your excellent painting makes the best of a bad job :)

Anonymous said...

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