Monday, 18 April 2011


With the recent good weather I've been able to continue work on upgrading my trees, The remaining twelve trees were treated with my new sawdust mix, it's lighter then what I used to use, but that should provide some contrast.

In addition I finished four new trees made using plant prunings for the trunk/branches. The big problem here was fixing them securely to the base and I ended up drilling out a pilot hole and then using a countersunk screw to fix it in place. Quite a bit of effort for a marginal improvement in appearance.

A before/after picture is in an earlier post


Ray Rousell said...

Nice work, they look great!

The Belgian, said...

They look great! Any tips where you can find "horsehair"?


Fire at Will said...

Rubberised horsehair is difficult to find these days, it's best to try an upholstery supplier/repairer

Rafael Pardo said...

Nice work! The problem is to find horsehair here in Spain
Best regards