Thursday, 22 December 2011

Catching up

Slowly getting there. here's some more completed bits and pieces.

The Italian trucks 2 x Lancia L6 and 1 x Fiat 621

A pair of 100mm Austrian Feldhaublitze, just need to buy some crew.

The Zvezda AT teams, a very useful pack as I only needed a couple extra, in case I field a Guards Rifle regiment, which has double the normal allocation of AT rifles


Mike said...

They all look good, but the artillery pieces are my favorites.

Don M said...

I have to say I love the way you do windshields and windows on your vehicles , you should put up a tutorial.

Rafael Pardo said...

Noy my era, but I like your guns....
Regards and Merry Christmas

Rodger said...

Very nice work.

Paul´s Bods said...

Nice artillery group.
Happy X-mas

PS...well spotted..Stokesay castle ;-D