On the Workbench - December 2011

For a chance, here is the real workbench, quite a mess with all the bits "in progress". I'm not sure whether I'll do more in December other than finishing what's on show here.

Left rear - SU76s, an old model needing repair and the new ones have needed quite a bit of sanding down to fit. One part remains stubbornly distorted even with dunking in hot water.

Middle row, left to right - Frundsberg staff; Battenberg Cuirassiers (having painted the infantry I just had to have a unit of cavalry) Frundsberg Dragoons; Frundsberg Cuirassiers.

Front row - Box 1 - panzerfaust markers, 2x Lancia L6 trucks, Befehlspanzer I, Skoda 100mm Radio Operators for my US Paras, Chevauux de Frises (need rebased) and British Airborne Jeeps (they'll be up for sale at Recon)
Box2 - Soviet Recon and German Engineers
Box 3 - German m'c combos (one assembled and one still on sprue - I thick I'll head swap them and use them as DAK), a 100mm Skoda still on sprue, a Fiat truck and if you look carefully a 37mm Pak36.

On top of that lot I'll have to work on the Glowstein grenadiers, but...


I bought this and typically to play any of the scenarios I'll have to buy more stuff, I may well get tempted at Recon on Saturday.


Tim Gow said...

That's a busy table Will. I try to keep part-done stuff out of sight. That way I can buy more with a clear conscience!

peter said...

I think you are someone who is making plans whole the time, and want to execute them right away. I can have a look in the mirror :-D For me it's just the same!

Have fun moddeling!


Springinsfeld said...

That's an organised table Will, I am impressed, not least by the volume of stuff you turn out.

Monty said...

I agree, there's plenty going on there ;) I am nowhere near as busy due to idleness & Xbox Live :D, but I am determined to finish off the few things I do have lying around before Christmas though...
here's hoping :)