For Sale - December 2011 update

These will be up for sale at our local club Deeside Defenders. I'll take anything to the next shows I'm attending (should be Vapanartak - York) so if you are interested in any items let me know and I'll bring them along.

Painted Figures/Vehicles (Unpainted are in trading -haves)

WW2 German Infantry (Airfix 46 figs) £6.00


Various Airfix/Dapol buildings £2.00 each
2 x scratch built Russian houses £4.00 each
Old School style river system and bridge £6.00

Books (separate entry)


Jay Stribling said...

I would be interested in the Springwood figures painted as Portuguese and the Alan Clark book on Barbarossa. I am in the US though. Would it be practical to ship the plastic figures?

Jay Stribling, 4355 Childress Dr, Jackson MS, USA

Fire at Will said...

Jay, yes it is possible to ship plastic figures to the US. Unfortunately another collector has already made me a good offer for them.

As for the book, the postage is always expensive. You are better off trying someone like www.abebooks.com who currently seem to have it for $4.87 postage free in the US.


Anonymous said...

Hi is the Afghan Hill Fort still available and have you an idea about postage within the UK if yes?


Fire at Will said...

Hi Clifton, yes it is still available, but I expect that the postage would work out quite high even though the majority is expanded polystyrene, as I'd have to pack it well to prevent damage. I'm travelling down south this week so depending where you are I might be able to deliver.

email me at Fire-at-Will at live.co.uk