Thursday, 15 December 2011

Radio Operators

The finishing touches for my US Parachute regiment are the radio operators. Typically like many sets of plastic figures there were none in the various US Para sets so I had to convert some.

The radio is basically a rectangle of thick plasticard framed by thin microstrip. The aerial is fine copper wire so it will flex without breaking. Finally a rolled cover made of greenstuff was added round the top and sides and additionally served to hide the gaps.

Not visible is a length of rod drilled through the radio and into the figure to ensure it stays in place. The dials, etc are a simple paint job.


The Angry Lurker said...

That my friend is good bodging, excellent skills and good kit.

The Old Metal Detector said...

They look like very short range radios if they have to stand that close together. Couldn't they just talk? I wonder if you could do Home Guard signallers with two cans on a bit of string...