Friday, 9 December 2011

SYW Frundsberg cavalry

They took a while, but they are now complete, well almost, as I want to add a few more figures to go with the foot officers, but I haven't decided what to use yet.

Front front to rear Stocwold Kuirassiers, Pidnem Dragoons and the Battenburg Kuirassiers.

The cavalry are all the Revell SYW Austrian Dragoons with the Cuirassiers converted by trimming off the lapels and painting on a breastplate.


Paul´s Bods said...

Lovely colourfull troop!!!

Anonymous said...

Good looking unit you have there!

Rodger said...

Very nice work.

Anonymous said...

Lovely looking unit. I converted a mounted kettledrummer for one of my regiments from the top half of a Prussian SYW drummer and added 2 rounded drums on either side of the horse.