Thursday, 28 March 2013

T70 collection

OK, they are not on the plan for the month, but the boxes were getting in the way and once started they were very quick to finish. They'll provide some lighter support to my mid war herd of T34s.

Given they came in packs of three it was a difficult decision to decide between one or two boxes as they will be added as two vehicle companies.

Although they come with two crew I only used a few and a minimal ammount of stowage as there was little room for it.

Overall a great kit from Plastic Soldier


Anibal Invictus said...

I love to play with all these tiny tin cans (pz Is, L 33s, T 70s...)

Don M said...

You mean to tell me that your a modeler that does not stick religiously to your plan, shocking!

LOL, yeah you and all the rest of us...nice work as always!

Chris Kemp said...

Good to see more of the lighter Soviet armour about,

regards, Chris

Pete. said...

Nice work Will- light tanks make for better games imo.



Albert Elder said...

Great blog


Hi Will,

Great blog. Although not associated with this post......

I've just come across your post about your Marignano 1515 game, from way back when.

I'm planning to do this battle in the near future, and I'm collecting as many wargame ideas about the battle as I can. So, I was wondering, do you still have your OOBs and deployment set up notes. If you do, please could I have a copy.

Thank You & Best Regards,
James Roach (Olicanalad)