Monday, 1 April 2013

More DAK Pak

Well the sIG 150mm was on the list, but I decided that I might as well work on the Plastic Soldier Pak 38s at the same time.

Pak 38s to the left and Pak 97/38s to the right (it's the conversion of the French 75mm onto the Pak 38 carriage). I've spread the six crew across a pair of guns, all have hats as I kept the helmet for my European versions. Behind is the Caesar 150mm, but I haven't used the Caesar gun crew, but more of the Plastic Soldier pak crews plus a couple from their heavy weapons set.

After taking the pictures I realised that I'd failed to curve the base edges, which I think looks better on WW2 stuff that isn't used in ranks.

The Caesar kit is fairly standard, and a lot easier after working on some Ace kits, but the Pak 38s were really quick assembly and turned out really well.


Sam Wise said...

Good work !
the painting job is excellent and I like the lifeful poses of the figures:

Pete. said...

Nice work. Can't beat that value.



Monty said...

Very, very nice ;)

Nick Grant said...

They look fantastic! That 150 at the back looks a meaty...well, at the risk of appearing crude...mother!

FriendlyFire said...

Finally, some photos of the PSC Pak 38's in DAK colours! Great work gets my taste buds buzzing.


Phil said...

Great work, colors are perfect!