Sunday, 20 October 2013

D-Day+6 - setup

Friday night was spent setting up the long table and discussing plans and objectives.

Here are some pictures
Looking west Germans on the south (right) allies on the north, British nearest, Americans on the western end

Carpiquet airfield

My table the most westerly allied sector


Stryker said...

Wow - now that's what I call a wargame table! Can't wait to see the action!

Jon Smith said...

OH...WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have said for the last ten minutes

sebastien gimeno said...

Right. This game will surely be great. With a table like this one, it can't be otherwise.

Jardineiro said...

Great pics!

Kev said...

Superb Terrain on a really big Frontage- this IS surely a real EPIC WW2 Senario Game in the Making. Thanks WILL.

Richard B said...

Superb looking tables, wish I could take part in something like this - just once :-(

peter said...

Fantastic gaming table Will! Now put the figures on it and make a lot of pictures!