On the workbench - November 2013

Crumbs, are we that far through the year already. Well after a week away down in Deepst Devon, just off Dartmoor I had better get back on with my annual targets, so it has to be work on my Saracens. Having inspected the figures the intended army will just be a modest force, to be added to as I find suitable figures, Turkoman/Arab horse archers being the biggest gap, so my Tartars and Parthian lights will have to cover their absence to start with. So my plan looks like:

  • Three 16 man units of spear armed foot
  • Three 16 man units of foot archers
  • One 4 man unit of horse archers
  • Two 6 man units of Ghulams
  • Plus commanders
In addition I'll also work on
  • Three Airfix Cromwells
  • The two  DAK Lorraine Schleppers with 150mm
  • A pair of 2pdrs on Portees and a matching dismounted pair
  • A US Radio truck, I was much taken by Phil's version at the D-Day+6 game so I'll be adding one to my forces converted from the Airfix GMC.
  • Plus other remnants that seem to be encroaching on my workspace

The radio truck


cameronian said...

It's geeting harder and harder to resist WW2 when I see work like this - groan:)

peter said...

Really nice radio wagon!