Sunday, 6 October 2013

German Artillery - old for new!

As planned I ripped the guns and figures off my old bases so I could release the extra figures for my late war guns. Typically I found a few spare "painted" Revell gunners a couple of days later that would have done the job. Still here they are, the old (early war) to the left and new (late war) to the right. The Zvezda crew figures have been mixed across the two batteries.

I'm not sure about the Zvezda 105mm leFH 18/40, something about it just doesn't look right.

In the background is an extra Zvezda Pak36 and an Italeri Panzerjager I that were painted at the same time.


Sun of York said...

They look great. I enjoyed doing up the Revell model, but I am yet to treat myself to the Zvezda set. I still have the Revell limber on my "to do" pile.

Red_Cardinal said...

Will, for some reason your photo is missing for me. Your posts before and after this one are fine.

Will McNally said...

Red Cardinal - strange, I did nothing different for this post and in fact the US para photo was uploaded at the same time. It may have something to do with Google+ so I have forced in the make the blog album publicly shared, even though it seems to do this anyway through the blog.

Herman van Kradenburg said...

I had the same feeling when I recently built them: "These look too much like Pak 40s..." Had the same feeling with the Zvezda Soviet 122mm Howitzers. I found that raising barrels and weathering the muzzles with smoke stain helped: