Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Leipzig refight 12:00am - 15:00pm (day 2 of game)

Sunday morning and its back to the fray. Only a couple of moves and then the allies get substantial reinforcements, but will the French commit their reserves before then?

Macdonald has brought up his infantry and guns, but luckily given the shortage of allied artillery on this flank most of their troops are hidden by a rise in the ground

Conversely the pressure is on and Victor is under pressure at Lieberwolkwitz.

Roderer throws his Prussian heavy cavalry at Lauriston's infantry west of Wachau. One unit is held by musketry, but the other pressed home, but... amazingly the French infantry survives the melee. meanwhile Prussian and Russian pressure comes to bear on Markkleeberg.

Despite their superior numbers, the French offensive on their left seems to have stalled and their infantry on the Kolmberg have been forced into square
Wachau has fallen to the Prussians, but the Young Guard (represented by a mixed unit of French allied Guard units) counter attacks, another division of Young Guard moves up in support. Roderer's cavalry have now broken through Lauriston's infantry.

Another gap is beginning to emerge between Wachau and Lieberwolkwitz and a fresh division of Russian Grenadiers (bottom left)is heading for it. However a powerful collection of French guns is being assembled on the Galgenberg. Victor is still holding on to Lieberwolkwitz.

Stalemate continues in the east
Prussians pile on the pressure between Wachau and Lieberwolkwitz
Prussians and Russians continue their assault on Markkleeberg, While Roderers cavalry reform a unit of Lewaschoff's cuirassiers catch a French line in flank.
Time passes, but a nasty surprise on the French reinforcement track - Cossacks in the top tight corner
A view along the lines with Napoleon in contemplative mood
To the east Macdonald explains how his masterly manoeuvres will sweep the Austrians from the field
The old Guard is committed and heads straight for Wachau.  Napoleon has obviously despaired of success in the east and is aiming at a breakthrough in the centre
Still stalemate in the east, but the Austrians march unopposed into Wachau as one of Victors divisions breaks.

The hole in the French centre, at the moment only the Russian Grenadiers are there to exploit it, but in the distance the Russo-Prussian Guard and more Cuirassiers are emerging onto the battlefield,
Victors second division to the east of Wachau is broken and Pire's cavalry attempt to stem the Austrian advance, but even a disorganised Austrian square managed to beat them off.  Hidden in the distance Russo-Prussian Guard Cavalry and Russian Guard Infantry are being assembled for an assault on the Kolmberg

Masses of Russian and Prussian Cavalry in the west  (with a few substitutes)
The Young Guard has retaken Wachau, while Lauriston's corps reforms
A valiant charge by the Russian Hussars clear the last French skirmishers from between the villages and eliminates one one the French batteries, but is forced to withdraw by the advance of yet more Young Guard

meanwhile on the Kolmberg the Russian Guard cavalry drive off a  French Cavalry brigade, while their associated Prussian counterparts stall when attacking the French infantry.
Cossacks emerge behind the French light cavalry off table, so the action is transferred to a spare table
Wittgenstein contempating his next moves, Markkleeberg had fallen, but then was retaken by Augereau's corps, while in the centre the French have filled the gap with guns flanked by infantry
Exhaustion has set in, we have run out of playing time at 15:00 having completed 14 moves.  The French still have troops off table, especially the Imperial Guard cavalry

Various views of the table showing the final positions

Overall a draw just like the actual first day, both sides had their chances for victory, and all round it was a great couple of days gaming.


Andrew Canham said...

Great commentary Will, I'm glad someone knew what the big picture was. Great game and thanks for letting me get involved.



peter said...

Looks you had a great time! And that for two days!
Thanks for sharing!


Chasseur said...

Looks like a fantastic couple of days - very nicely done and thanks for the report!

Pete. said...

Awe inspiring stuff Will- really is.



James Fisher, FINS said...

Marvellous massive game Will. A great couple of reports, and a huge effort!

David Cooke said...

Massive game and report! Just like Leipzig should be. Thanks Will.