Sunday, 13 October 2013

Leipzig refight 8:00am - 12:00am (day 1 of game)

Dump of pictures from day 1 of the game

The game started at 8:00am with the Russo-Prussian troops cresting the rise south of Wachau/Lieberwolkwitz

The view from the French positions

A view along the French held rise to the north of Wachau/Lieberwolkwitzof .
Poniatowski's Poles (Bavarians in the game) occupied Markkleeberg in the forground

The Russ- prussian second third and fourth columns, Pahlens cavalry on their right by the University wood

The open ground to the east, Klenau's Austrians were late again the Kolmberg is at bottom right

Another view along the French lines

Keeping track of time and the French off-table reinforcements.  Macdonald's and Sebastiani's corps are top left, unavailble as yet as they are marching towards the battlefield

The French decide their infantry needs bolstering so several cavalry divisions were deployed on table

While Pahlens cavalry dithers Gortschakoff 's column heads for Leiberwolkwitz, elsewhere Russian infantry divisions decide that they need to reform in hidden ground (a pair of blunders)

From Kleist's column, Prinz August's Prussians head for Markkleeberg, supported by Lewaschoff's cuirassiers, capturing and holding this village would bring an Austrian Corps into action from the other side of the Pleisse

Wittgenstein contemplates progress

A move passes

French infantry move forward to contest the villages
While Prinz August's infantry close on Markkleberg, Lewaschoffs cavalry come under fire from Poniatowski's flanking artillery
By 9:30 Napoleon has arrived and decides to bring on more cavalry, two divisions of cuirassiers this time

Part of Victors corps forming up with Lieberwolkwitz providing a secure flank
Polish light cavalry taking on Russian Cuirassiers
Russo-Prussians making progress
Some Austrians arrive at last and race to reach the Holmberg, to arrive at the same time as Pahlen.
Bottom right Austrian infantry are attempting to move (Klenau and his Austrian
sub-commanders had a rating of 7)
Roderer's Prussian Reserve Cavalry move up to support lewaschoff's cuirassiers who have driven off the Poles

Scrappy fighting arounf Lieberwolkwitz
Time passes

Lauriston's and Poniatowski's corps continue to hold the line between Wachau and Markkleeberg, but noting the Pressure Napoleon has committed a division of the Young Guard towards Wachau

Victor and Gortschakoff continue their fight around Lieberwolkwitz
To the east a wide open gap exists ready for the Latour-Mauberg's Cuirassiers to exploit, only a thin Austrian and Russian force covers the Kolmberg.

Poles still hold Markkleeberg and the Young Guard approaches Wachau.  There must be a problem to the North as Napoleon has left the southern front.
Prussians backed up by Russians attempt to batter their way into Wachau
But they are becoming exhausted at Lieberwolkwitz.  "Where are the Austrians?"
Stand off on the Kolmberg and the Austrians have managed to position some guns there 
Napoleon spots the gaping hole in the allied line, but some Austrians have reached Seifertshain
Macdonald and Sebastiani have arrived strengthening the French left event more, but Desfours Austrian cavalry has plugged the gap
Exhausted by the struggle to take Lieberwolkwitz, Mezentzov's Russian are completely broken, but the Austrians have arrived to support Pirch's Prussians
Latour-Mauberg's cavalry take the Kolmberg driving back the lighter Austrian and Russian cavalry and over-running the guns.

Time is passing

An overview of the battle looking west, St Germain's Heavy cavalry have arrived bottom right

And looking east, Poniatowski is still holding Kleist away from Markkleeberg

Prussian infantry (Ziethen) and cavalry (Mytius) are moving up to support Desfour's cavalry and close off the gap

But what's this? - Saint Germain has a rush of blood to the head and his Heavy cavalry led my the two regiments of carabiiers launch across the marshy stream at the Austrian infantry, but fall in to disorder and fail to charge home due to the terrain and telling Austrian musketry.

The KOlmberg has been seized by Macdonalds infantry, while the cuirassiers fall back to recover.
Wachau has fallen to the Prussians, but the Young Guard are ready to counter-attack
Some parting pictures as we ended the first days play

Part 2 to follow shortly


Rafael Pardo said...

It looks like a great and funny game! Waiting for the AAR

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That's a lot of figures - superb looking game!

João Peixoto said...

Fabulous!!! kind of table I like and mostly one man job: no argues!!:):):)

Archduke Piccolo said...

Truly impressive looking battlefield. Great to see nicely painted Airfix plastics and I think I see Italieri and other manufactures there as well.

peter said...

Nice review of part one Will!


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