Friday, 11 October 2013

Leipzig refight - scenario specific rules

Although Black Powder will be used there are a number of extra rules will be applied for this scenario.

  • 2/3 scaling will be applied
  • Each game turn (combination of French and Allied phases) is assumed to be 30 minutes and the game starts at 8:00am.
  • All commanders will have a command rating of 8 with the exception of Klenau, who will be 7 and Napoleon rated as 9
  • Napoleon is present for the French 9:00 am move. At the start of any subsequent French move roll a dice on a score of 1 Napoleon leaves the table to sort issues on other fronts.  If absent there is a 50/50 chance he will return that move.  Position Napoleon before rolling any command dice.
  • Any commander within 16" of Napoleon will have a command rating of 9
  • Units of the Guard cannot be committed unless Napoleon is present
  • Units off table have either a designated time of arrival or a specified location in the reinforcement zone.  During the command phase units in the reinforcement zone that are not committed onto the table may be swapped between adjacent locations - roll a d6 and on a roll of 4 or more the swap is successful.  This can be repeated multiple times until a swap fails.
  • Broken brigades are removed from the table.

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