Saturday, 5 October 2013

More Napoleonic Casualty markers

My existing Napoleonic casualty markers used to indicate how many strength points have been lost were insufficient when we played Lutzen earlier this year so more needed to be produced. I still don't think I have enough for Leipzig, so I'll try and find more suitable figures.

The figures used are something of a mixture, Italeri Russian infantry for the Russian and Prussians; some Esci 1806 Prussians with some spare shako heads for the Austrians (the bicorne heads had been used for another project); a few remaining Airfix French Infantry (still pleased I kept these for over 40 years - they did come in useful); and odd Revell, Airfix and Hat for the British.


Sun of York said...

Look great. The Airfix Highlander and French dead are good figures.

The only problem I have with casualty markers is they take up space on the battlefield and can get left behind in the heat of a battle.

I am still working out how best to do them for my favorite Napoleonic rule, Napoleon's Battles (noting these markers would work perfect for those rules).

João Peixoto said...

hmm... some of the "alive" figures really give good dead ones!