Thursday, 3 October 2013

On the workbench - October 2013

Less then two weeks till the big weekend Leipzig game down at the club and less than three to the D Day+6 game, so I have to keep focussed on these two goals. This means that if I find something missing I'll have to adjust my plans to cope, hopefully what's here should be all that I need!
  • A few extra French generals (4-5)
  • A batch of about 30 casualty markers for Black Powder
  • A unit of Empress Dragoons (8)
  • I expect I'll have to sort the bases on a number of my older cavalry units, Uhu glue seems to have less adhesion with age (30 years plus)
  • A small number of US paratroops to make up the HQ and provide the few extra figures to stretch my forces to the four battalion organisation required for the game.
  • A couple of extra German 105mm guns, typically to provide enough crew I'll have to rebase a pair of early war guns and crews as well, it's something I've always intended to get around to someday.
  • If time permits I'll rebase another unit of German infantry, part of which I'm using to provide a few figures for the recon battalion

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peter said...

Sounds like a lot of work this month Will! Have fun painting!