Friday, 18 October 2013

WW2 US 82nd Airborne

Due to a late change my 101 Airborne has become the 82 for the D-Day+6 game, So here it is during a final check.

Front Row - Reece Co and Force HQ

Middle row - 3 para battalions on the left and a glider battalion on the right

Back row - a pair of artillery battalions

Careful viewers can spot a couple of British Airborne 6pdrs and howitzers have been included to make up numbers, plus a very old mortar team in the glider battalion


Phil said...

Great looking army!

GReg said...

Hi Will
Could I ask you to take close ups of the different sections\squads and teams? I too use plastic and it will be great to see which figures you used in what combinations. Greatly appreciated.

João Peixoto said...


peter said...

Great army you have there Will!


Will McNally said...

Greg, have you looked back through my earlier posts when I've painted them as that might sort your requirements.

Normally I just combine them to give as many different combinations as possible with the figures being used.

When picking figures I try to avoid those with postures that flex to easily I either don't bother or where feasible add a brace by hot welding a leg to a base or using a wire/pin

In the case of the US paras I had so many as part of a trade that I could be quite selective