Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Battle of Kukrowitz August 1813

Very enjoyable weekend over in Salford refighting the battle of Kukrowitz using Shako Grand battles rules. The allied players look very relaxed

My command - Bertrand's corps, whose mission was to take the Zuckerberg, while covering the flanking manouvre by Oudinot.

Oudinots corps finding not quite the open flank he expected, Blucher and his Prussians in the way

Serious faces as Steve explains the rules during Ney's attack on the opposite flank

Assaulting the Zuckerberg, not so easy, spot the number of guns

Turning into an uncoordinated attack

But leaving Oudinot clear to make his attack

Ney slowly getting his troops across the river

What a mess, Bertrand is in trouble, while Oudinot is slowly breaking through

The allied centre is being thinned to meet the attack from each flank

Marmont and Ney pushing forward on the left

Marshal Victor arrives to support Bertrand

Allied response is a flurry of rulers

Victor's corps advancing

But what's that to the left of Victor?

La Garde au feu!

The imperial guard moves up to attack the centre of the Allied line.

Pressure all along the Allied line, where are their reserves?

Ney and marmont continue to advance on the French left while Grand Duke Constantine's reserves are fully commited to the opposite flank

So Allied troops continue to hold the Zucherberg, while the line crumbles either side.

The Guard continues its drive through the centre

The finale, as Zictor's dragoons charge Russian infantry in flank and eliminate tem, pushing the Allied army over its brak point

Of course this was a disguised scenario set in the aftermath of the Allied defeat at Dresden, it was really the battle of Znaim in 1809 following the Austrian defeat at Wagram.

More details on Phil's blog


Phil said...

Nice looking game, beautiful table!

James Fisher, FINS said...

What a fabulous looking game Will. Must have been great to get so many wargaming colleagues together too!