On the workbench - September 2014

September already and I'm fed up with painting drab uniforms, but at least the US forces are nearly finished. Currently plans for the month are

  • More French Infantry for Egypt 1801 - Hurrah colour at last
  • Tart up and rebase my US Reece Squadron and Engineer Battalion
  • A couple of US Truck conversions - CCKW352
  • The Hasegawa M4A1 half track with mortar that I won on ebay
  • a brace of the new Airfix Jeeps
  • That elusive Tiger for Tunisia
  • The Beford QLD and QLTs that have been doing the same.
  • and the bren carrier conversions that are half started
  • and maybe start on some Austrian Grenadiers for the War of Spanish Sucession

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peter said...

Looks like you have a lot of work to do Will! And it sounds great!