Two good, one bad

The good is a pair of short wheel base trucks as used for artillery tows converted from the Pegasus fast build kit. The bad is the Hasegawa M4A1 mortar carrier, way too wide and needed extra work to get the interior vaguely right, I should have converted one of the Plastic Soldier versions instead.
The CCKW352 conversion was relatively easy, just needing to cut the chassis and body to the correct length before reassembling, the two spare wheels behind the cab came from an old Airfix 88mm.

A work in progress picture to give an idea of what was involved


Nick Grant said...

Wow, that's clever stuff.

Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

That, sir, is a smart move. They look really good. I may invest in some of these Pegasus trucks myself. Thanks for sharing.

Phil said...

Very nice!