Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Latest Airfix Jeeps completed

The new Airfix kits certainly make the grade for me. I enjoyed assembling their latest Jeep offering. It wa particularly useful as it came with a trailer (I need more for my US forces) and a 75mm pack howitzer as used by British and US Airborne (and I have had to borrow my British pair for my US Airborne units).

So the Jeeps and trailers will be used for US infantry mortars, while the Howitzers will go to join my US airborne.

Closing point, there are a pair of K-guns on the sprue, so I wonder what else Airfix has planned?


Pat G said...

Nice work

peter said...

These jeeps look great Will!


Scheck said...

Wow! Extremly realistic - wonderful!

Stryker said...

You can never have too many Jeeps!