Friday, 5 September 2014

US Reece Squadron - still more vehicles needed

Finished upgrading the figures for my US Reece Squadron organised for Rapid Fire, in the end I replaced the 30cal MMG with that from PSC and the 60mm mortars with the Italeri ones, so the unit is over 50% new.

Still not got enough vehicle to go with them, Still missing are three more Greyhounds, another M8 HMC and three M5 light tanks. But depending on what the scenario requires I might not need them all or can borrow them from other units.

I can see I need to buy some more bits at Derby in October

And here's the old figures, before upgrading


Stryker said...

Very impressive - the missing vehicles can always be casualties from an earlier engagement!

Robin Sutton said...

There's a certain pleasure in the accumulation and exhibition of our 'tools of trade' I'd have to say.

Kind regards