Sunday, 1 February 2015

British Motor Battalion - North Africa 1942

Having completed the Infantry and the Portees, I also repainted the remaining vehicles required to make up a complete Rapid Fire Motor Battalion. The Carriers are a complete rework as they had been part of my NW Europe forces until now. They particularly showed their age when several fell apart when cleaning off the old paintwork and needed a bit of TLC. Crews were added in most cases. The Arm of Service number number was a particular isue as the Middle East Command used its own numbering system so I was desperately searching for red 60 decals, First Alan from the Guild came to my aid and then Steve from Baggage Train created a complete set.

Spot the incorrect vehicle - the Tilly need to be replaced by another Jeep!

I also repainted the transport for the MG company. but this needed an AOS of red 51 so it was no problem. On the right a reworked Crusader from Dennis, with no markings as I've still to decide how to mark up most of my desert armour.


João Peixoto said...

Bases,Will, Bases!... But very nice looking unit!!

Michael Mills said...

Great stuff Will. Good to see a Crusader in there!

Sun of York said...

Great use of various figures in there. Most impressive.