German Winter Infantry #1

A rather bedraggled unit for my first battalion of German winter infantry, Intended to depict some Stalingrad defenders or other troops ill-prepared for winter fighting.

The majority of the figures are the Strelets German Army in Stalingrad, plus some Zvezda German MMGs and Mortars in greatcoats, HaT greatcoated German gunners, a few Italeri German elite infantry and a single Revell Afrika Korps figure.

A couple of close-ups

Zvezda MMG, S Model 37mm AT gun with Hat crew

A Zvezda 81mm Mortar (you get two poses in the set) and an Ace 75mm Infantry gun

Apologies for the groundwork as it was all I could find, somewhere I have a couple of old "white" sheets.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Wow! These guy's look cold. Great collection of gear, Will.

Andy Canham said...

Very nice Will. Like the guys wrapped in blankets!
Cheers, Andy

Pete. said...

Great stuff Will- winter troops do have their own appeal for me.



Sun of York said...

Great looking figures. Nice how you've mixed in the different manufacturers as well.

Phil said...

Very, very nice job on these figures!