Wednesday, 18 February 2015

German Winter Infantry #2

Another Rapid Fire German winter battalion completed, this time they represent a better prepared unit, almost all with the reversible jacket. The figures are mostly the Caesar German winter infantry, reasonable sculpts for the most part, but with horrible chunky bases. Mixed in are a number of Italeri Elites and some Armourfast figures.

The AT support is only a 37mm Pak36, manned by HaT figures and this will need upgrading if used for mid/late war game. Note I have already made some provision by including a Panzerschreck. At the back are four command figures from Odemars German Commanders.


Andrew Canham said...

Very nice work. I was going to say "cool" but decided the pun was too obvious.
Cheers, Andy

Stryker said...

There's just something about the whole "winter war" thing - very nice!

João Peixoto said...

Great looking unit. The mix of brands you made is very nice!

Spiderweb of History said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Very inspiring, as I've got a load of Finns sitting on my lead pile.