Wednesday, 4 February 2015

On the workbench - February 2015

It's Freezing February as I get started on my Axis winter forces, I'm hoping to make substantial progress on the following items this month

  • A couple of German battalions
  • An Italian battalion
  • a Hungarian battalion
  • Plus some supporting vehicles
  • and also finished off the 28mm Saxon Thegns (but I need to find a better silver as the new Humbrol enamel version is too sticky)

However, I didn't manage to get any of the Woodlands scenic snow flock, so these might get delayed and then there are some bits bought at York that I'd like to work on

  • US 105mm M3 Howitzer
  • a pair of US 37mm AT guns to replace my 57mm for the bit game
  • a Jeep for my British Motor battalion
  • The pair of German 37mm Pak36s with the Chenillete UE as they are needed for the German battalions above

That feels like plenty to do

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