Thursday, 26 February 2015

T8 Reconnaissance Vehicles

After completing the Plastic Soldier Company Stuarts I was sure that I'd be able to use some of the spare components, but I wanted something American. The T8 Reconnaissance vehicle was the obvious solution, but it was only used for trials. However I discovered that units were advised the could make the conversion using the M49 ring mount. and some saw service as a limited standard.

The underside was filled in with plastic card and at the rear I added a pair of access doors to break up the flat surface. the ring mounts came from the Airfix/Heller GMC, but to experiment I tried making the canvas cover on one, and the sandbags on the other from some old blu-tac. To ensure it was firmly fixed it was covered in some cheap superglue and it is pretty solid.

The crewmen obviously had to be the leftovers from the Plastic Soldier Company's Half track


Paul Foster said...

Excellent work Will. Waste not want not.

Pete. said...

Nice work- very similar to the British idea no?



Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

These will be useful on the table top. Good work, Will.