Monday, 2 February 2015

Vapnartak 2015

This year for once it was an easy drive across the Peninnes, and Vapnartak was a great show as always

Our game for the Lance & Longbow society was Hexham 1464 using Lion Rampant, where the participants played Yorkists and had to beat the clock and defeat the Lancastrians in under an hour of playing time. In three out of four occasions they succeeded, but when I took on the mantle of Lancastrians in the Persona of the Duke of Somerset I managed to hold out long enough and send Montagu (the Yorkist commander) scurrying to the rear, but what would you expect from a Somerset cuckoo who when to Lancaster University!

The opposing forces, the Lancastrians are positioned on the hill, outnumbered by the Yorkists

Some of the action

The neighbouring game with John Paul Jones attacking Leith, a "what-If"

The ever popular zombies

Dux Brittanium game - it was nice to meet up with Lardie Rich again as he attempted and failed to visit a show incognito

WW1 with combat around the Suez Canal, now that caught my interest as I've probably got most of what's needed for a smaller version of the game.

No prizes for identifying this battle, the kids were having great fun

Not much action, but some inspiration for preparing some winter terrain/basing.

The booty

Finally I had a pile of figures and vehicles for sale and I managed to raise £63-60 for the Army Benevolent Fund, so thanks to everyone who bought something.


Brian Carrick said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing something of the show for those of us who couldn't make it.
Best wishes, Brian

Conrad Kinch said...

Looks like an excellent show. What did you make of the Blackpowder books?

Ubique Matt said...

Hi Will,

Great looking game, I know the author of the rules, Dan Mersey, has expressed an interest in how people run multi-player games of Lion Rampant and has mentioned your game in particular. Is it ok to link your page on the new Lion Rampant/Dux Bellorum forum?


Will McNally said...

Konrad - from the reviews I had seen the BP books were tempting and a quick flick through last night confirmed it. Once I finish the current issue of Slingshot I'll probably find time to read them through properly.

Matt - thanks for the reminder. I've now posted it up on the forum.