Monday, 2 March 2015

On the Workbench - March 2015

I was hoping to start on my Mediaevals in March, but I really have to get started on the terrain for the big game and this will become my main priority for the next couple of months. Although I have some bits, mainly buildings, that I can use, the majority will be new and over the last month I've been buying bits over the internet. My biggest piece of luck was finding an almost complete sheet of insulation foam in a skip, this will easily provide all the seventeen hills I will need. So be prepare to see lots of Sicilian themed bits of terrain over the next few months. In addition I still need to finish off what's still on the workbench:-
  • An Italian winter battalion
  • the remaining bits of the Hungarian battalion
  • The Zvezda Russian winter MMGs and Mortar
  • the Saxon Thegns - these at last have the chainmail finished
  • A number of Italian desert Bersagliari (while sorting out my Italian last months I worked out what was needed to ensure all the possible Italian Rapid Fire orbats were covered

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