Tuesday, 10 March 2015

WMMS - the booty

very limited purchases, especially as I was looking out for anything Sicilian

But I did get
  • Another box of cacti
  • The M32 TRV I need to complete my new US Armoured battalion
  • The new Italeri fast build Panzer IVs - these won't fit in with the rest of my German forces, but will with my new winter units
  • A trio of T34/76s for £10 - again these will be winterised
  • Finally 3 Brittannia Breda 20mm AA guns for my desert Italians - I would have like more to replace my old oversized BP cast models, but I can wait


Paul Foster said...

Excellent buys Will. Impressed with your restraint.

Chris Kemp said...

You can never have enough cacti Will, (or trucks).

Regards, Chris.