Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Big game - Husky 1943 - part 2 Gela

This post is more detailed as it involved the table I was fighting on. I commanded the 26th RCT defending the town of Gela itself.

The eastern end of our defences, I like the little touches like the stone covered well.

The town of Gela

Lots of German armour deploying

Advancing on Gela, supported by a small unit of pioneers, my company out in the forward positions feels very vulnerable

In the east Panzer grenadiers advancing

US forces moving up to take a critical road junction

Italian armour hiding in the vineyards so the German armour suffers from the naval gunfire

German armour herding the paratroops back towards Gela.

The Tigers arrive in the east.

Once a German aircraft successfully drove off all five of the Cruisers supporting the landing the Italians decide to attack

A bunch of fez-headed Italians burst into the centre of Gela, they didn't last long, but achived their aim of forcing the US troops hiding in buildings to reveal their positions

Italian armour attacking along the road, ignoring all my attempts to stop them with bazookas

Folks getting excited about the fighting in Gela, note the large Italian motorised forces struggling to manoeuvre.

But one tank in the main Italian Armoured force (R35s) was hit by a bazooka at last and the rest ran off the table

I lose one of my Stuarts to one of the myriad of Italian flamethrowers

Boom, there goes on of the Tigers!

Position in the centre at the end with the German armour still failing to move forwards

Unfortunately we ran out of time, but by the end the US had achieved the majority of their objectives.


Andrew Canham said...

Fantastic looking table and forces. Looks like a tightly fought game and a lot of fun too. Interesting to see the tight formations the Germans and Italians were forced into because of the terrain. Pity those cruisers were driven off!

Cheers, Andy

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Excellent looking game. The troops, the table... Great!

João Peixoto said...

Great looking tables in true wargaming spirit: Beauty and fun!!