Big Game - Husky 1943 - part 4 Lentini

I kept a slightly closer eye on what was happening on the Lentini table

German initial dispositions

The Commandos take Ponte Malati

Monte Pencali provides an excellent position for OPs

Still quiet!

British armour emerging from Sortini

and from Melilli

British reach the German forward defence line

Seems like trouble lurks round every corner

Refreshed by ice cream the Commandos await the Germans next move.

Italian reinforcements arrive

It's slow going for the British main force

Slowly pushing forward

The last Stug(?) lies in wait

All quiet in Lentine and Carlentini

British infantry trudge forward, who decided they didn't need MT?

Position at the end with the Commandos just off-picture still holding the bridge


Rog said...

Wow, very impressive scenario! Greetings!

Stryker said...

Spectacular terrain - we'll worth all your effort!

Unknown said...


Great game and report.

LOL the ice cream van!!