Thursday, 4 June 2015

Lentini - final test

I put down the cloth for the game and followed my plan (rather than the pattern drawn on the patio) with complete success. I didn't bother laying down all the walls so it will look a bit more cluttered on the day. I'm also making another dozen olive trees to fill in some gaps.

The obligatory overhead shot, which will complement the plan

View from the Allied 5th/50th Division approach

View from the Axis end

The approach for the commandos, across the marshes with the steep bluffs on their left flank.


Overview of the northern end of the table, plenty of orange and olive groves around Lentini

Melilli approach (5th Division) Highway 114

Sortini approach (50th Division)

View from the west (beware of the Triffids)

Northern end

Southern end

It's all now neatly packed away ready to transport to the game next weekend.


Scheck said...

Looks great! Looks also very complex for a strategy, many obstacle, few orientations. That promises a hard and long battle! Wonderful, I like that...

Counterpane said...

With your usual bits of scattered vegetation in between the various terrain elements, that's going to look superb Will. You can be very proud of your efforts.