Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Ligny - planning

Despite the big game being only two days away, my thoughts have turned to the 1815 refight of Ligny to be held at our local Gauntlet show on the 5/6th July

Having worked through accounts of the battle and reviewed my available troops I have decided to concentrate on the action in the western 2/3 of the battlefield, where the Prussian I and II corps faced off against the French Corps commanded by Vandamme and Gerard, plus of course the Imperial Guard and Milhaud's Cuirassiers.

The approach will be similar to that used two years ago for Leipzig, where a Black Powder brigade replaces a Division (or Brigade if Prussian). This means that French divisions will be represented by three line infantry battalions, plus a small (half) battalion of skirmishers. The Prussian brigades are larger and will have four line infantry battalions plus a small battalion of skirmishers, but the overall quality is the same due to around a third being Landwehr. Almost all Cavalry divisions will be three units. The big advantage for the French (who have to attack) in this sector is they have almost double the number of guns available.

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