Sunday, 21 June 2015

Phalanx 2015 a few show pictures

A quick trip across the Mersey to my local show in St Helens.

Action starts with the battle of Liverpool between Stanley and Molineux. We managed to run this game five times on hte day.

1866 game

A force on force Russian front game next to us Hungarian tank and Romanian infantry!!

Ypres 1914

More WW2 Action,

Sword and Spear fantasy - nice corner piece

Fire and Fury ACW action, nice to see the original rules being used.

Back to the War of the Roses fought with Poleaxed

Dead man's hand

Alex and Steve from SOGG (It was Alex's first wargame show!)

Ancient Greek naval action using Kallistra tiles (must get my triremes out for a game sometime)

More fantasy

Some tempting medievals on the Tumbling dice stand

My haul, I'm particulary pleased with the Napoleonic books pictures up cheap on the B&B. Note the clump foliage so I can make more vines and the weapons needed to complete my winter Hungarians and Italians.

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