Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Gauntlet - part 3 - other games

Plenty of other games on the go, here's a few pictures I took during quiet moments on the Ligny game

A very big Dystopian wars game

Another Napoleonic game in 6mm

A big flames of war game set on the eastern front

6mm MDF Austrian Napoleonics painted by Gary H

A close up of the cavalry, they are almost flats

A big Pike and Shotte game, Swedes against a mixed force of Royalists, Parlimentarians

plus a few Poles

Nice vignette of Gustavus Adolphus

Aidan's and Rick's reports on the game.

10mm ancients by Baggage Train

One of the WRG 6th edition competition games

Cold war gone hot in 6mm

but I seem to have missed the 10mm Quatre Bras game

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