First pictures from Gauntlet - Ligny

First day of refighting Ligny at Gauntlet.

Gerard (Martin) and Napoleon (Gary) consider their options

View from the mill at Fleurus, Ligny on the right, St Armand then La Haye and Hameaue to the left

Gerard moves against Ligny

Vandamme takes La Haye uncontested while pounding St Armand with his artillery.

Another move and very little progress by the French

Surprise!, Under the noses of Domon's cavalry the Prussians cross the western end of Ligny brook

Vandamme decides to assault St Armand

The twelve pounders, The guard artillery claims their first Prussian unit wiped out.

Fighting over the fields and hedgerows surrounding Ligny, the Prussians are had to shift (or is it Pete's dice?) North of Ligny there is a cavalry standoff across the brook

At last the Prussians are driven back from the hedgerows

St Armand under pressure with Swiss assaulting the eastern end

Two infantry brigades and all the artillery from Pirch I's corps are commited to attack the French left

The Prussians get adventurous on their left as well, one cavalry unit crossed the brook While Gerard's and the Ziethen's arileery apply counter battery fire

A gap in the records, as it got quite busy on the French left with Domon's cavalry division broken and Prussian dragoons rampaging right up to the gun line, luckily some of Milhaud's cuirassiers were advancing to their rescue. Domon's situation was not helped by a unit routing on false rumours of betrayal.


João Pedro Peixoto said...
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João Pedro Peixoto said...

Nice story.Its a battle I want to do and here it is a very good inspıration!

cameronian said...

Nowhere near enough figures mate! Did fitting the arm extensions hurt? Wonderful stuff.